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Menu planning day and recipes! January 12, 2012

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Hi All….  LOTS of info in this post, but it is my first on menus and books, etc. I like to use!  Hope you enjoy and find it beneficial!!!

Well, today is the day I usually spend about 2 hours planning meals and making lists for my amazing husband who does the grocery shopping.  I usually end up making another trip to  during the week because I simply run out of produce.  I will take a picture of our “produce section” that hogs my kitchen , but it makes me giddy when he gets home!!  I know, kind of weird.  I have not always been like that, but that is for another post!!  The first thing I have to consider for my menu planning is our weekly schedule.  It can get crazy so I usually have to do one crock pot meal that will be ready when we walk in the door.  I always try to make sure the recipe is large enough for left overs.  So, when we have to be to church early on Wed. evenings, we can just heat them up.  So, the big meals come Monday and Tues.  Also, I am particular about lunches.  I like to make things about three times a week and then the other two we just wing it.  The kids like that also.  They get to pick what they want on those days. I save Thurs. dinner for something a little more creative and fun since we usually have a slow day.  Tonight we are making pizza from scratch.  The kids LOVE doing this and it is so easy!  Here is the crust recipeI am using, and loads of info here about sprouted grains and flours.  We have already done it and it is delicious!  When the kids get to do their own toppings and such, they love to eat it.  A lot of the time I order my flours in bulk from Amazon. We are Prime members (free shipping on these items) and most of the time I try to do “subscribe and save” since it saves you even more!  You can even stop the subscription after one order or change the frequency any time.  I just store the flour in the extra freezer until I am ready for it.  I don’t know what we did without our box freezer.  It has been key to buying things in bulk and saving the money.  We got it on Craigs List for just $100!!!   I also use Amazon Subscribe and Save for my Agave usually.  But, sometimes there are better deals out there.  However, with the Amazon Prime free shipping,  sometimes that evens it out.  You just have to really search!  I will post when I get a good deal if you all are interested!

I have to say I am addicted to Pinterest (feel free to follow me, because I love how it organizes all my thoughts and I can start keeping my recipes in one place rather than my bookmark folder that is hard to navigate through.  Here I can simply see photos of all the recipes and dig right in!!  My next goal would be to move them from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  When the board gets too big, that will have to happen.  😉

I have two cookbooks that are my “go to” cookbooks for my weekly menus (but I use several).  The one I cannot live without for my baking needs is “Baking with Agave”.  I will have another post on Agave, but for now, here is the book.  There are many great muffin/cookie recipes and other breakfast goods!  I use it at least once a week.  We do not eat boxed cereal hardly at all, so I am always looking for things I can make ahead and have left overs!  We eat A LOT of eggs around here as well.  I am always looking for new ways to incorporate them except your basic scramble, etc.  We eat veggies in them every time we scramble, so there goes a lot of our spinach supply amongst other things.  AND, one thing I CANNOT live without is my red, yellow and orange peppers.  It is my one “go to” veg that I can eat when I have a huge craving.  They are usually soooo sweet, crispy and juicy! DELISH, not to mention how good for you!!

SO, next weeks meal plan is :

Monday:  Lunch  Sprouted Grain quesadillas (I will post another about sprouted grains, but these are awesome and I always have them!  I get them at Whole foods);  Dinner  Crock Pot Pork Roast

Tues:  Lunch Broccoli White Bean Cheddar Soup (great for left overs too!)Dinner needs to be make ahead because of dance and gymnastics, so these will be perfect!  Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Wed:  Lunch we will wing it…  I have long workouts in the morning, so we will want to just come home and grab something.  Dinner will be left overs!  Love Wed.’s!!

Thurs:  Lunch Toasted Avocado and Hummus toasts (we will have a little extra time so they can help cut out the circles in bread and spread the ingredients on!!) I will use Ezekiel sprouted grain bread though.  Dinner  Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs (this recipe is from Deceptively Delicious, another book I cannot live without!!)

Friday:  wing lunch or left overs and dinner hopefully going out!  😉

Sat:  We usually wing this lunch or have left overs. Dinner  Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili (everyone loved this and I am craving it!)  Daddy usually takes the morning/lunchtime with the kiddos so I can have a break and work/workout/clean….SO helpful!!

Sunday:  After church, sometimes out to lunch, or something easy.  Dinner Daddy usually gives me the night off and puts something together.  Love my hubby!

WHEW…  love to have this part over.  This is so nice to see it all planned out in one place with recipes.  I am usually checking my list all the time and having to find my recipes.  Again, very therapeutic!  Hope you all enjoyed and hope you liked some of the recipes!!


7 Responses to “Menu planning day and recipes!”

  1. Charlene M Says:

    Great post! I’m excited to see what great ideas and recipes you have. Going back to read the sprouting info. I have a sprouting jar and a bag to sprout, but I haven’t tried it yet. (Personally I would starve at your house this week with all the beans and hummus and avocado….texture issues!)

  2. Thanks Charlene! I have sooo much to share it is just going to take time!! HA… all my spare right?? Thanks for checking it out. 😉 Need to hop onto Chatties today now that I am not so swamped! Missing you all!!

  3. Where do you do your weekly grocery shopping?

    • Pete usually goes to both Meijer and Kroger…. better things at each store and better prices. He is the coupon KING!!! Then I go to whole foods or the internet for my specialty items. I try to use the coupons at whole foods when possible. I don’t typically mind which brand I use on most things there, so I try to let that lead me. Do you have someplace in particular you like?

      • We do most of our shopping at Meijer because if we’re doing one trip it’s cheaper than Kroger although we have a Kroger close by as well. I love Whole Foods and Allyson and Kara consider it a special treat to go there but it’s a much farther drive and therefore not very convenient unless I know I’ll be up that way for something else.

  4. I just copied the pizza dough, pork crock pot and sweet potato chili recipie’s! THANKS GIRL!

  5. YAY!!! Glad it was helpful!! I am sooo excited for guiltless PIZZA tonight and the kids LOVE it!!!

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