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Menu planning for next week with recipes! January 20, 2012

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Hello friends!  It is that time again, the lengthy process of figuring the meals for next week.  I think sometimes it takes a little while is because you have to look at your schedule for the following week, see what is left over in your freezer / fridge and then create an entire weeks worth of meals based on that!  😉   my husband, the grocery shopper, likes to throw in what is on sale when he goes to the store, and then sometimes there is a chance for switching it up a bit!  But, I will be making a couple great breakfasts this week too.  Again, like I mentioned before, we do not do much cereal or quick breakfasts around here…..  yes, I homeschool, so that certainly gives me a slight advantage of more time in the morning (love that!!!), but I assure you the left overs will be worth it!  Two baked breakfasts and you will be set for the week, and if you have  a larger family, just double it!  I have to say I am pretty appalled at the things i hear from friends/family of what they feed the kids at school for “breakfast”!  Just like all the experts say, it truly is the MOST important meal of the day, especially for kiddos heading for school!   But I have to say there are certainly some good cereals out there.  Some we like are Kashi and Ezekiel brands.  Full of fiber and protein to last throughout the morning.  Coupled with some fruit and that certainly makes for a nice breakfast on the fly!  I know everyone knows this, but when we don’t have enough fiber and the right combinations of proteins and carbs, the blood sugar spikes and we crash afterwards….  that is why it is SO important to make sure our meals are balanced.  Sometimes, we just get all in a hurry and throw that idea out the window.  I know I have been there and still do on occasion, but that is why I plan my meals out for the entire week so I am not struggling finding something to eat for all of us that is good!  😉

Here is the plan for next week!  Enjoy!!

Tomorrow breakfast:  Chocolate Peanut butter Quinoa  = YUMMO!!!  Lunch tomorrow left overs, and out to dinner with Hubby for date night!!  Woot Woot!!

Sunday:  Burgers (I look forward to trying this recipe slightly modified) with sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli.  Great recipe for these!!  But, a little tip, i put all the potato strips and egg whites in a ziplock to coat.  Works wonderfully!

Monday:  Breakfast:  Quinoa Donuts!!  I am SO excited to make these and I just ordered my donut baking tin. I found the Quinoa flakes at Meijier along with Quinoa.  So, if you can’t get on line to buy and no Whole Foods around, you should be able to find this stuff at any grocery.   Lunch Lentil Soup  and my FAVE  Sprouted Wheat bread.  Starting the process today to bake on Sunday I have all the makings already, so this is a no brainer!  Sounds delicious and I LOVE soups when it is cold!  Canned soups are really not so hot for us, so I really try to make them as much as possible, and again the left overs go great with some grilled cheese or turkey sandwiches.  Dinner:  Crock pot Turkey Breast.  I have a Fix it and Forget it crock pot book that I love.  I have to change up the recipes quite the bit, but the basic ideas are good!

Tues:  Breakfast, eggs with veggies scrambles.  Staple here!  Lunch:  A variation of this, will add turkey breast.  Stuffed Cucumbers, the kids love cucumbers so I think this will be something fun and new for them!  Dinner:  Chicken Tortilla Cigars.  These are a great make ahead because the bake in just 12 minutes.  We are gone from 4:30 until 6:30 on Tues. because of dance and gymnastics, so it has to be something either crock pot or that is easy and quick.  This is a definite favorite of the kids.  I use the Ezekiel sprouted grain Tortillas that I get at Whole Foods.

Wed:  Whole Grain Pancakes.  Bobs Mills Pre Mix!  I LOVE IT!!  I usually add ground flax seed and ground chia seeds for an extra healthy boost!  Lunch:  Quinoa Avocado Salad and I am SO looking forward to this one!!  Dinner will be left overs as we head to church early!

Thurs:  Breakfast, Eggs again…  Maybe some little donuts to go with if they aren’t all gone from Monday.  HA  Lunch:  Butternut Squash Carrot Ginger Soup with my sprouted bread and almond  butter!  😉  Dinner:  Lasagna Rolls, boy they all loved this one and it was so easy too!  Not nearly as intimidating as it seems!

Friday:  Breakfast, one of our staples now:  Baked Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal DELISH!!!  Left overs for lunch!  Simple!!  Hopefully out to dinner or bring something in!  😉

Saturday: Lunch we always wing it, or should I say I get the day off and my hubby wings it!!  Dinner:  Homemade Pizza.  We did this last week too and they have SO much fun making it.  So, why ruin a good thing and it is super easy and they LOVE “decorating” their own pizza and picking the toppings!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the recipes for this week!  Glad it is over, but looking forward to some yummy meals next week!  There is so much on my mind and so many things I want to post about!  Much coming up!!!  Stay tuned.  Have a beautiful weekend!

Many Blessings,



2 Responses to “Menu planning for next week with recipes!”

  1. I think I will definitely try the Chocolate Peanut Butter Quinoa. I’m having a hard time getting the family away from the traditional “fast” breakfast in the morning. Ex Just now Allyson saw in the Meijer ad while looking over Pat’s shoulder that Lucky Charms are on sale. Pat’s response is “mommy wouldn’t like it if we got that.” Lucky Charms? GRRROOOSSS!

  2. Yes, this Mommy would NOT be happy if Pete brought that home! HA… The apple baked steel cut oats truly is AMAZING too!! The trick totally is soaking the oats overnight… they all loved that one! 😉 The donuts were a huge hit as well!!!

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