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Menu planning comes around again! LOVE!!! January 27, 2012

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Hello all!  Here we go again with menu planning so the wonderful husband can take care of the shopping for me!  Love that man!!  And in honor of Chinese New Year we will be focusing on some yummy Chinese recipes in the next couple weeks!  Not a lot of time today, but I did want to say that I am going to post next about sprouting my beans before use and the benefits and how stinkin’ easy it is!!!  😉  SO, be sure to check back!  Here is this weeks menu.  ENJOY!!!  ANy questions or comments, please feel free to ask!  (This will be unedited as there is much to do this afternoon, forgive typos!)

Monday: Breakfast:  Egg Casserole in Muffin cups, (great left overs!) with my twist, turkey bacon with 2% milk along with mixed berries.  Lunch:  Asian Chicken Salad  Dinner:  Turkey Quinoa meatloaf and Mock Mashed Potatoes.  Since this is such a healthy dinner, I am going to splurge with dessert tonight, Gluten Free Choc. Garbanzo Bean Cupcakes!  One of the best parts of this is the one on one time I get to spend with a kiddo!!

Tues:  Lunch  Red Pepper Soup with roasted Spaghetti Squash  I know peppers on sale this week, so this is a good time for this soup and I will be serving grilled cheese for the kids and my FAVE from this past week the Gouda and Pear Grilled Cheese for ME!!  Dinner:  Crock Pot Chicken and Rice.  I will be making this a double batch and will be switching it up needless to say, but good bones to follow.  I will be using some real ingredients instead of the horrible salty soup mix and brown rice of course.  Needs to be large on Tues so I can have left overs for Wed. night since we head to church and this usually entails the crock Pot!

Wed:  Breakfast:  Cinnamon Toast Pancakes (double batch of course for another day!) low carb, high protein and good fats!!! OH how these children love pancakes so lets make them good for us, no?  Lunch:  Left over salad and soup for me as I will be running all morning with meetings.  😉  Dinner will also be left overs because of busy evening!  sorry all!

Thurs:  Quick lunch this day.  Some left over soup these  make ahead wraps:  Avocado Bean wraps with salsa...  sprouted beans for me and Ezekiel wraps!  We are having some homeschoolers over for a craft project for valentines day so I will be making this adorable snack, apples and marshmallows along with stuffed cucumbers (these were a big hit last week and easy to make ahead), Dinner:  Trying something fun and new….  homemade Asian Dumplings, a FAVE around here!!

Friday:  Throwing in a treat for the kiddos, Egg fried Rice, the healthier version!  They are going to LOVE it!  😉  Dinner OUT!  Yippee!!!

Again, Saturday lunch is usually a wing it day with Daddy and dinner will be date night.  😉

Sunday: dinner Pork chops that I have in the freezer and MANY blackberries as they have been on sale of late…. SO excited to make this dish, Blackberry Pork Saute with real mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans!

One other thing I wanted to share is about making homemade “Ice Cream” using the amazing Yonanas machine!!  It is SO inexpensive and cures a great sweet tooth will ALL natural choices.  Just freeze your favorite fruits and bananas and go crazy.  The kids think it is a blast to make it.  It comes out like soft serve and you just mix it up and go.  Top with choc., or throw it in while churning.  YUMMO!!!!  Just thought you all might enjoy if you didn’t already know about it.  Time to get the list together since the menu is planned!  WHEW!!!!!  What a process, but I feel SO good when it is done and to know my family is eating as healthy as we can manage makes me happy too!  Happy Momma, Happy HOME!!!!  😉

Also, on another note, there was a passage in my bible reading this morning that moved me loads, so I will hopefully have time to share about that as well in the next few days!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~  Dawn


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