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Picking up the Pieces~ February 27, 2012

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Hello all!

Well, I had no idea I was gone from my blog for this long, but life has swallowed me whole and I need to write about what has transpired!  My wedding business is thriving, I praise God for His blessings there, however it is keeping me extra busy!!!  I have also realized that the meal plans I have been planning have given us too much food and we cannot keep up with it.  SO, I am trying something new, simplifying my menus.  I will still have amazing, wonderfully healthy recipes here, I am just thinking there will be fewer of them.  And, I have to admit it was getting a little expensive having so much made up and left over….  I also have to admit I have fallen off the wagon for about two weeks now.  I don’t know about you ladies (sorry if there are any men reading this, but it is my blog to write about my stuff, ha) but my time of the month literally destroys me for about a week, from the PMS, to the food cravings, to the sluggishness, bad cramps, etc.  That was two weeks ago, and still no actual period to speak of.  Here is why I believe….

On Feb 17, in the evening, we had a tragic accident with our beloved dog Mocha, and I saw the whole thing.  I cannot write about the details just yet, as it is still too raw, but it has hurt our family deeply.  It put me in such a tailspin.  I had no motivation for anything, I ate every carb in sight ( a big no no!!) and didn’t care!  So, these last two weeks have been full of awful cravings, depression, sadness, mood swings beyond belief, but it in the midst of it all, I know our sweet Mocha is romping around in the lushest setting she has ever seen in Heaven, and one day she will be running back into our arms when we greet her there.  God is SO good for his mercies for us here on this earth!  It may seem silly that we are missing her so, but she was our first “baby” for almost 6 years while we waited to have our own.  She got me through the waiting for our precious Bekah to come home from China.  She was always there with me when my heart hurt waiting for her to come home.  She comforted me, loved on me and never left my side.  I had NO idea her death would impact me like this, but I am sure too that the tragedy of her death  has a big impact as well.  I am finally moving forward and remembering the happy times with her.  My biggest regret is that I wasn’t as loving to her these last months.  She was always under my feet, took forever to go potty, and I just lost my patience sometimes, and it breaks my heart how I did her, and how all she had was unconditional love for us….  ALWAYS ran to the door to greet us, wanted to wake up and love on us as soon as we stirred, and so much more.  I have learned a great lesson from this, trust me!

SO, now it is time to pick up the pieces, quit shoving food down my throat to shove away all the emotions that are running through me these past two weeks!!  Time to start anew…..  I am looking forward to feeling energized again, healthy, and even happy.  God has a plan for everything, and His plan is perfect!  Mocha was 11 years old and with us from the very beginning.  There was a reason for this accident, and that is why I say I am learning big from it!  I thank God for everything He puts in our path, for there is Good is EVERYTHING He does!!!  You just have to be willing to look for it!  Mocha struggled here with the kids and their romping and jumping and constant commotion.  She just wasn’t as happy here as she once was.  She was constantly upset or nervous because the kiddos are sooo loud.  She is much happier now and I find much peace in that.  How does one live without God in their lives?  I was there once, I had no peace, no calm, no certainty in life until my 29th year of life, how sad it makes me to realize this…..  Now I have ALL of those and much more!!  This is my personal testimony, and no one elses.  I KNOW I lived without God truly in my life before I was born again into his eternal family.  I thank God and the Holy Spirit for opening my eyes to His word and showing ME the way to everlasting salvation!!  It is sooo simple, yet I chose to believe for years what I was taught instead of really searching it out myself!  God doesn’t ask much of us surprisingly, and I know it is hard to wrap our minds around that, but he makes it SO simple that even a child can understand, so why do we choose to ignore what God has written for us??  Our pride, our stubbornness, our past “teachings”, afraid of what others might think or say about us….  well I have news for you…. there is only ONE that I care to serve and listen to while on this earth and that is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! “And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”  Acts 16:31.  I care about eternity, not the earthly things!  That should be simple enough to understand, eh?  One of my favorite vs Matt 24: 35 “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”  God assures me His words are forever true and sealed in His book, but our earthly lives pass away!  If you believe the bible is the word of God, how can you not believe what is written?  That is where I once was too.  I had never taken it for a spin myself until I was saved.  I didn’t care what it said, I just listened to whatever my “teachers” or elders told me.  When you are born again, you are convicted by the Holy Spirit, he lives in you….  I can honestly say I NEVER knew that feeling.  Again, this is my personal testimony.  I know I am not the only one who has ever felt like this!!  I never knew what I was missing until I “got it!!!!!”  That is the best way I can explain it.   If you “want it” and think you don’t have it, feel free to ask me about it!  Pray for God to convict your heart and show you the truth if you are not sure…. that is my best advice to you! If you truly desire to know GOD’S truth and no one elses, He promises He will show you!  What a neat thing huh???  WOW, where did all this come from??  I got totally sidetracked, but obviously it was on my heart and this is MY place to share it!!  LOVE!!!!

So, here is to my precious Mocha….  I know you are much better off sweet girl and I will never forget you!!!