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Upcoming topics for the new blog… January 11, 2012

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Good morning all~

I thought I better post what was on my mind to blog about before I forget.  My memory isn’t what it used to be and if I don’t keep lists lying around, I am in trouble!  I have also researched a lot of things and I would love to share my findings so you do have to do all the research again and waist your time!  So here goes in random order:

1.  Scripture that moves me

2.  Recipes that keep us healthy

3.  Schedules that keep me sane ( or make me crazy!)

4.  Our homeschool plans and schedule for 3 kindergartners along with the successes and failures and hopefully ways to remedy them.

5.  Grocery lists and the meals I plan on making for the week

6.  Photos of recipes, that might be a bit more challenging, while in process

7.  My new found love of sprouted grains and beans and how they are SO much better for us

8.  Info I found about baking and eating with Agave rather than sugar

9.  My gadgets I might purchase to make life in the kitchen a little easier

10.  Ways to save money on products/groceries and share links to those

11.  My weight loss/ weight gain journey

12.  How the Lord works in my life to make it better!  I could not live without  him!

13.  Challenges of raising our three children at the ages of 4, 5 and 6.  Not to mention the fact that they are all adopted from China with their own needs.  (And so you all know, if you don’t already, as a side note they are all “Special Needs” children.  They were all cleft palate affected and two were also cleft lip affected.  Our son has one small eye as well that he cannot see out of, so I will be sharing that process here as well, and any other challenges we go through medically)

14.  How I am REALLY trying to keep the bodies (my own and my families) that God gave us healthy

15.  Share a little more about homeschooling and that stereotypes that come along with it!  Boy has it come a long way and I enjoy the one on one time with my kiddos, being the one to see their milestones in their school work, and the hugs I get (instead of their teacher) when the lightbulb comes on and they see something for the first time…. all these things I wouldn’t have been afforded if I sent them to full time school

I am certain there is SO much more but these are the things on my mind this morning in a nutshell.  I am really looking forward to starting my journey this year and really searching who I am supposed to be as a wife, mother and business owner, and who God wants me to be for him!  Thanks for joining me and have a blessed day!

~ Dawn



Hello world!

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Like the post says, Hello World!!  This is officially my first entry of my new blog!  Here I hope to share my true self and start exploring my life and to hold myself accountable, “on paper”!  I look forward to sharing God’s inspiration, recipes I LOVE that I affectionately call “healthified” eats, my homeschooling adventures with three kindergartners….. that is a whole other post…. my health and fitness journey, etc!  I just plain ole want to keep a journal of all things in my life that I feel like taking control over and doing something about this year!  I want to get organized and de-clutter my home life, I want my business to take another direction, one less demanding;  I want to find the joy that I once had!  There I said it, my first keeping it real statement!  Life has swallowed me whole and has left me with little joy!  I hope this journal helps me map it out, figure out why, and rejuvenate it!!  SO, if you decide to stick around, I would love to hear your real responses!!  I am exhausted, so time for me to hit the hay, at 9:35, pitiful!  But I do have a long work out tomorrow, school to do with the kiddos, and need to be to church by 6:00, so lots to do.  Sweet dreams all, and many blessings!

~ Dawn