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I’M BAAACK!!! November 11, 2013

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Hello friends!

Well, it has been quite a llllooooong time since I last posted  here.  Life has changed SO much!!  After bringing home Levi, our now 7 year old son from China, my hysterctomy, and adjusting to our new homeschool program, life has just been a little nuts!  I am going to be keeping myself accountable here for a new lifestyle/way of eating.  I am going to be testing a Paleo way of eating for 3 weeks.  For those of you that don’t know exactly what it is, you can look it up at the Ultimate Paleo Diet.  Basically I cannot eat any processed foods, dairy (except grass fed butter), grains of any kind, processed sugars, or legumes.  So, what is left you say??  REAL, WHOLE, FOOD!!  Since my hysterectomy about two years ago, I have gained somewhere between 15 and 20 lbs.  NOT HAPPY!!!   So, I worked with a nutritionist over the summer to see what was going on.  We discovered that I was gluten intolerant, had blood sugar spiking issues, and had a leaky gut, from all the processed food and bread I was addicted to for the past, oh, 30 years!!! It destroyed my gut and my good bacteria, so I was not absorbing the nutrients my food was trying to provide.  Gluten is a VERY easy thing to test yourself.  I was living with FOG BRAIN and a (Sorry to say) gassy belly and hi/low energy spikes throughout the day.  Once I got rid of gluten, I was soooo much better.  It took a minute to get used to, but once you get it, not a problem.  I am working on switching the whole family over, slowly but surely.   SO, this leaves me to record my trail of the Paleo Diet.  I need to be held accountable somewhere so this is the place I know to do it!  I am so excited to start today….  I still don’t feel 100%, so I am going to eliminate everything not natural and see how things change.  I have done this type of eating off and on, here and there, but never to test myself fully, so here goes!!

This morning I had eggs scrambled in butter and I sauteed broccoli, kale and onions in more butter!  DELICIOUS! I have always loved butter, but thought that what was causing my weight gain oh so many years ago when our brilliant government told us to eat MORE WHEAT (and less fat)….  because in the end it helped get them more money.  NICE!  I finally realized to look at our ancestors.  They ate meat, cooked in the lard and fat that was left over, and lots of veggies they grew, and bread  (their bread was not “franken-wheat” like ours is now….  3x more glutenous than it is in Europe today).   So, I am going to try it!!  Also time to get back into my workout routine.   I did need a handful of soaked almonds for a snack along with some orange pepper.  Just right to tide me over for lunch.

Lunch was a large salad of mixed greens with turkey bacon, shredded carrots, shredded zucchini, quacamole, and a tbsp of hemp seeds, with a Braggs dressing.  YUM!!!  My tip is shredding my veggies.  I think it makes them easier to digest and it makes your salad feel more rich and creamy.  The kids eat pretty much any veggie I put in salad when I shred it.  They love it that way too.

I will have to report what I decided to have for dinner tomorrow.  I have to go clean now!  😉  It was a busy busy week so I did not get a chance to plan my meals very well for this week, so hopefully next week I will be able to get back to sharing my complete menu and planning like I know several of you liked to use in the past.  Not sure if you want to join me in the Paleo lifestyle though, but maybe after my results you might want to, eh???  I am happy to be the guinea pig!! Who knows, it might stick!!  😉

Let me know if you have any questions.  This is not for everyone I am sure, but with my current state of health, and weight gain, something has to give, and this is my choice for now.  We shall see!!!  Praying for the Lord to open my eyes to a little bit healthier of a lifestyle and better quality of daily life so I can serve HIM to my full potential!!

Have a blessed day all!!!  ~ Dawn


Picking up the Pieces~ February 27, 2012

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Hello all!

Well, I had no idea I was gone from my blog for this long, but life has swallowed me whole and I need to write about what has transpired!  My wedding business is thriving, I praise God for His blessings there, however it is keeping me extra busy!!!  I have also realized that the meal plans I have been planning have given us too much food and we cannot keep up with it.  SO, I am trying something new, simplifying my menus.  I will still have amazing, wonderfully healthy recipes here, I am just thinking there will be fewer of them.  And, I have to admit it was getting a little expensive having so much made up and left over….  I also have to admit I have fallen off the wagon for about two weeks now.  I don’t know about you ladies (sorry if there are any men reading this, but it is my blog to write about my stuff, ha) but my time of the month literally destroys me for about a week, from the PMS, to the food cravings, to the sluggishness, bad cramps, etc.  That was two weeks ago, and still no actual period to speak of.  Here is why I believe….

On Feb 17, in the evening, we had a tragic accident with our beloved dog Mocha, and I saw the whole thing.  I cannot write about the details just yet, as it is still too raw, but it has hurt our family deeply.  It put me in such a tailspin.  I had no motivation for anything, I ate every carb in sight ( a big no no!!) and didn’t care!  So, these last two weeks have been full of awful cravings, depression, sadness, mood swings beyond belief, but it in the midst of it all, I know our sweet Mocha is romping around in the lushest setting she has ever seen in Heaven, and one day she will be running back into our arms when we greet her there.  God is SO good for his mercies for us here on this earth!  It may seem silly that we are missing her so, but she was our first “baby” for almost 6 years while we waited to have our own.  She got me through the waiting for our precious Bekah to come home from China.  She was always there with me when my heart hurt waiting for her to come home.  She comforted me, loved on me and never left my side.  I had NO idea her death would impact me like this, but I am sure too that the tragedy of her death  has a big impact as well.  I am finally moving forward and remembering the happy times with her.  My biggest regret is that I wasn’t as loving to her these last months.  She was always under my feet, took forever to go potty, and I just lost my patience sometimes, and it breaks my heart how I did her, and how all she had was unconditional love for us….  ALWAYS ran to the door to greet us, wanted to wake up and love on us as soon as we stirred, and so much more.  I have learned a great lesson from this, trust me!

SO, now it is time to pick up the pieces, quit shoving food down my throat to shove away all the emotions that are running through me these past two weeks!!  Time to start anew…..  I am looking forward to feeling energized again, healthy, and even happy.  God has a plan for everything, and His plan is perfect!  Mocha was 11 years old and with us from the very beginning.  There was a reason for this accident, and that is why I say I am learning big from it!  I thank God for everything He puts in our path, for there is Good is EVERYTHING He does!!!  You just have to be willing to look for it!  Mocha struggled here with the kids and their romping and jumping and constant commotion.  She just wasn’t as happy here as she once was.  She was constantly upset or nervous because the kiddos are sooo loud.  She is much happier now and I find much peace in that.  How does one live without God in their lives?  I was there once, I had no peace, no calm, no certainty in life until my 29th year of life, how sad it makes me to realize this…..  Now I have ALL of those and much more!!  This is my personal testimony, and no one elses.  I KNOW I lived without God truly in my life before I was born again into his eternal family.  I thank God and the Holy Spirit for opening my eyes to His word and showing ME the way to everlasting salvation!!  It is sooo simple, yet I chose to believe for years what I was taught instead of really searching it out myself!  God doesn’t ask much of us surprisingly, and I know it is hard to wrap our minds around that, but he makes it SO simple that even a child can understand, so why do we choose to ignore what God has written for us??  Our pride, our stubbornness, our past “teachings”, afraid of what others might think or say about us….  well I have news for you…. there is only ONE that I care to serve and listen to while on this earth and that is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! “And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.”  Acts 16:31.  I care about eternity, not the earthly things!  That should be simple enough to understand, eh?  One of my favorite vs Matt 24: 35 “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”  God assures me His words are forever true and sealed in His book, but our earthly lives pass away!  If you believe the bible is the word of God, how can you not believe what is written?  That is where I once was too.  I had never taken it for a spin myself until I was saved.  I didn’t care what it said, I just listened to whatever my “teachers” or elders told me.  When you are born again, you are convicted by the Holy Spirit, he lives in you….  I can honestly say I NEVER knew that feeling.  Again, this is my personal testimony.  I know I am not the only one who has ever felt like this!!  I never knew what I was missing until I “got it!!!!!”  That is the best way I can explain it.   If you “want it” and think you don’t have it, feel free to ask me about it!  Pray for God to convict your heart and show you the truth if you are not sure…. that is my best advice to you! If you truly desire to know GOD’S truth and no one elses, He promises He will show you!  What a neat thing huh???  WOW, where did all this come from??  I got totally sidetracked, but obviously it was on my heart and this is MY place to share it!!  LOVE!!!!

So, here is to my precious Mocha….  I know you are much better off sweet girl and I will never forget you!!!


Menu planning comes around again! LOVE!!! January 27, 2012

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Hello all!  Here we go again with menu planning so the wonderful husband can take care of the shopping for me!  Love that man!!  And in honor of Chinese New Year we will be focusing on some yummy Chinese recipes in the next couple weeks!  Not a lot of time today, but I did want to say that I am going to post next about sprouting my beans before use and the benefits and how stinkin’ easy it is!!!  😉  SO, be sure to check back!  Here is this weeks menu.  ENJOY!!!  ANy questions or comments, please feel free to ask!  (This will be unedited as there is much to do this afternoon, forgive typos!)

Monday: Breakfast:  Egg Casserole in Muffin cups, (great left overs!) with my twist, turkey bacon with 2% milk along with mixed berries.  Lunch:  Asian Chicken Salad  Dinner:  Turkey Quinoa meatloaf and Mock Mashed Potatoes.  Since this is such a healthy dinner, I am going to splurge with dessert tonight, Gluten Free Choc. Garbanzo Bean Cupcakes!  One of the best parts of this is the one on one time I get to spend with a kiddo!!

Tues:  Lunch  Red Pepper Soup with roasted Spaghetti Squash  I know peppers on sale this week, so this is a good time for this soup and I will be serving grilled cheese for the kids and my FAVE from this past week the Gouda and Pear Grilled Cheese for ME!!  Dinner:  Crock Pot Chicken and Rice.  I will be making this a double batch and will be switching it up needless to say, but good bones to follow.  I will be using some real ingredients instead of the horrible salty soup mix and brown rice of course.  Needs to be large on Tues so I can have left overs for Wed. night since we head to church and this usually entails the crock Pot!

Wed:  Breakfast:  Cinnamon Toast Pancakes (double batch of course for another day!) low carb, high protein and good fats!!! OH how these children love pancakes so lets make them good for us, no?  Lunch:  Left over salad and soup for me as I will be running all morning with meetings.  😉  Dinner will also be left overs because of busy evening!  sorry all!

Thurs:  Quick lunch this day.  Some left over soup these  make ahead wraps:  Avocado Bean wraps with salsa...  sprouted beans for me and Ezekiel wraps!  We are having some homeschoolers over for a craft project for valentines day so I will be making this adorable snack, apples and marshmallows along with stuffed cucumbers (these were a big hit last week and easy to make ahead), Dinner:  Trying something fun and new….  homemade Asian Dumplings, a FAVE around here!!

Friday:  Throwing in a treat for the kiddos, Egg fried Rice, the healthier version!  They are going to LOVE it!  😉  Dinner OUT!  Yippee!!!

Again, Saturday lunch is usually a wing it day with Daddy and dinner will be date night.  😉

Sunday: dinner Pork chops that I have in the freezer and MANY blackberries as they have been on sale of late…. SO excited to make this dish, Blackberry Pork Saute with real mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans!

One other thing I wanted to share is about making homemade “Ice Cream” using the amazing Yonanas machine!!  It is SO inexpensive and cures a great sweet tooth will ALL natural choices.  Just freeze your favorite fruits and bananas and go crazy.  The kids think it is a blast to make it.  It comes out like soft serve and you just mix it up and go.  Top with choc., or throw it in while churning.  YUMMO!!!!  Just thought you all might enjoy if you didn’t already know about it.  Time to get the list together since the menu is planned!  WHEW!!!!!  What a process, but I feel SO good when it is done and to know my family is eating as healthy as we can manage makes me happy too!  Happy Momma, Happy HOME!!!!  😉

Also, on another note, there was a passage in my bible reading this morning that moved me loads, so I will hopefully have time to share about that as well in the next few days!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

~  Dawn


Menu planning day and recipes! January 12, 2012

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Hi All….  LOTS of info in this post, but it is my first on menus and books, etc. I like to use!  Hope you enjoy and find it beneficial!!!

Well, today is the day I usually spend about 2 hours planning meals and making lists for my amazing husband who does the grocery shopping.  I usually end up making another trip to  during the week because I simply run out of produce.  I will take a picture of our “produce section” that hogs my kitchen , but it makes me giddy when he gets home!!  I know, kind of weird.  I have not always been like that, but that is for another post!!  The first thing I have to consider for my menu planning is our weekly schedule.  It can get crazy so I usually have to do one crock pot meal that will be ready when we walk in the door.  I always try to make sure the recipe is large enough for left overs.  So, when we have to be to church early on Wed. evenings, we can just heat them up.  So, the big meals come Monday and Tues.  Also, I am particular about lunches.  I like to make things about three times a week and then the other two we just wing it.  The kids like that also.  They get to pick what they want on those days. I save Thurs. dinner for something a little more creative and fun since we usually have a slow day.  Tonight we are making pizza from scratch.  The kids LOVE doing this and it is so easy!  Here is the crust recipeI am using, and loads of info here about sprouted grains and flours.  We have already done it and it is delicious!  When the kids get to do their own toppings and such, they love to eat it.  A lot of the time I order my flours in bulk from Amazon. We are Prime members (free shipping on these items) and most of the time I try to do “subscribe and save” since it saves you even more!  You can even stop the subscription after one order or change the frequency any time.  I just store the flour in the extra freezer until I am ready for it.  I don’t know what we did without our box freezer.  It has been key to buying things in bulk and saving the money.  We got it on Craigs List for just $100!!!   I also use Amazon Subscribe and Save for my Agave usually.  But, sometimes there are better deals out there.  However, with the Amazon Prime free shipping,  sometimes that evens it out.  You just have to really search!  I will post when I get a good deal if you all are interested!

I have to say I am addicted to Pinterest (feel free to follow me, because I love how it organizes all my thoughts and I can start keeping my recipes in one place rather than my bookmark folder that is hard to navigate through.  Here I can simply see photos of all the recipes and dig right in!!  My next goal would be to move them from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  When the board gets too big, that will have to happen.  😉

I have two cookbooks that are my “go to” cookbooks for my weekly menus (but I use several).  The one I cannot live without for my baking needs is “Baking with Agave”.  I will have another post on Agave, but for now, here is the book.  There are many great muffin/cookie recipes and other breakfast goods!  I use it at least once a week.  We do not eat boxed cereal hardly at all, so I am always looking for things I can make ahead and have left overs!  We eat A LOT of eggs around here as well.  I am always looking for new ways to incorporate them except your basic scramble, etc.  We eat veggies in them every time we scramble, so there goes a lot of our spinach supply amongst other things.  AND, one thing I CANNOT live without is my red, yellow and orange peppers.  It is my one “go to” veg that I can eat when I have a huge craving.  They are usually soooo sweet, crispy and juicy! DELISH, not to mention how good for you!!

SO, next weeks meal plan is :

Monday:  Lunch  Sprouted Grain quesadillas (I will post another about sprouted grains, but these are awesome and I always have them!  I get them at Whole foods);  Dinner  Crock Pot Pork Roast

Tues:  Lunch Broccoli White Bean Cheddar Soup (great for left overs too!)Dinner needs to be make ahead because of dance and gymnastics, so these will be perfect!  Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Wed:  Lunch we will wing it…  I have long workouts in the morning, so we will want to just come home and grab something.  Dinner will be left overs!  Love Wed.’s!!

Thurs:  Lunch Toasted Avocado and Hummus toasts (we will have a little extra time so they can help cut out the circles in bread and spread the ingredients on!!) I will use Ezekiel sprouted grain bread though.  Dinner  Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs (this recipe is from Deceptively Delicious, another book I cannot live without!!)

Friday:  wing lunch or left overs and dinner hopefully going out!  😉

Sat:  We usually wing this lunch or have left overs. Dinner  Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili (everyone loved this and I am craving it!)  Daddy usually takes the morning/lunchtime with the kiddos so I can have a break and work/workout/clean….SO helpful!!

Sunday:  After church, sometimes out to lunch, or something easy.  Dinner Daddy usually gives me the night off and puts something together.  Love my hubby!

WHEW…  love to have this part over.  This is so nice to see it all planned out in one place with recipes.  I am usually checking my list all the time and having to find my recipes.  Again, very therapeutic!  Hope you all enjoyed and hope you liked some of the recipes!!


Upcoming topics for the new blog… January 11, 2012

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Good morning all~

I thought I better post what was on my mind to blog about before I forget.  My memory isn’t what it used to be and if I don’t keep lists lying around, I am in trouble!  I have also researched a lot of things and I would love to share my findings so you do have to do all the research again and waist your time!  So here goes in random order:

1.  Scripture that moves me

2.  Recipes that keep us healthy

3.  Schedules that keep me sane ( or make me crazy!)

4.  Our homeschool plans and schedule for 3 kindergartners along with the successes and failures and hopefully ways to remedy them.

5.  Grocery lists and the meals I plan on making for the week

6.  Photos of recipes, that might be a bit more challenging, while in process

7.  My new found love of sprouted grains and beans and how they are SO much better for us

8.  Info I found about baking and eating with Agave rather than sugar

9.  My gadgets I might purchase to make life in the kitchen a little easier

10.  Ways to save money on products/groceries and share links to those

11.  My weight loss/ weight gain journey

12.  How the Lord works in my life to make it better!  I could not live without  him!

13.  Challenges of raising our three children at the ages of 4, 5 and 6.  Not to mention the fact that they are all adopted from China with their own needs.  (And so you all know, if you don’t already, as a side note they are all “Special Needs” children.  They were all cleft palate affected and two were also cleft lip affected.  Our son has one small eye as well that he cannot see out of, so I will be sharing that process here as well, and any other challenges we go through medically)

14.  How I am REALLY trying to keep the bodies (my own and my families) that God gave us healthy

15.  Share a little more about homeschooling and that stereotypes that come along with it!  Boy has it come a long way and I enjoy the one on one time with my kiddos, being the one to see their milestones in their school work, and the hugs I get (instead of their teacher) when the lightbulb comes on and they see something for the first time…. all these things I wouldn’t have been afforded if I sent them to full time school

I am certain there is SO much more but these are the things on my mind this morning in a nutshell.  I am really looking forward to starting my journey this year and really searching who I am supposed to be as a wife, mother and business owner, and who God wants me to be for him!  Thanks for joining me and have a blessed day!

~ Dawn



Hello world!

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Like the post says, Hello World!!  This is officially my first entry of my new blog!  Here I hope to share my true self and start exploring my life and to hold myself accountable, “on paper”!  I look forward to sharing God’s inspiration, recipes I LOVE that I affectionately call “healthified” eats, my homeschooling adventures with three kindergartners….. that is a whole other post…. my health and fitness journey, etc!  I just plain ole want to keep a journal of all things in my life that I feel like taking control over and doing something about this year!  I want to get organized and de-clutter my home life, I want my business to take another direction, one less demanding;  I want to find the joy that I once had!  There I said it, my first keeping it real statement!  Life has swallowed me whole and has left me with little joy!  I hope this journal helps me map it out, figure out why, and rejuvenate it!!  SO, if you decide to stick around, I would love to hear your real responses!!  I am exhausted, so time for me to hit the hay, at 9:35, pitiful!  But I do have a long work out tomorrow, school to do with the kiddos, and need to be to church by 6:00, so lots to do.  Sweet dreams all, and many blessings!

~ Dawn